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I give up.

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So, Jess and I had our trip to the NY ren faire this weekend. Our journey started on Friday after work. We packed up Jess's car, and off we went, leaving around 4:00 pm. Yes folks, we braved I-83, I-81, and I-78 during rush hour. Traffic was much lighter than I anticipated, and we made very good time. We stopped for dinner just after crossing into New Jersey. We saw a sign for a diner, got off to find it, and ended up at a truck stop by accident. At this point, being rather hungry individuals, we decided to stay put at the truck stop. We had good, greasy truck stop food, Jess's mom called during dinner (she can elaborate on that one!), we bought road snacks and were on our way. We arrived at our hotel in Jersey, and being the two geeks we are, sat around and read for a couple of hours until we went to bed. After an average continental breakfast, we headed off to Tuxedo NY for the faire, which is right near Suffern. It was very overcast when we arrived, but the weather said cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon, and only a 10% chance of rain, so we were not worried. The faire is in a fantastic location, a nice wooded area that reminds me of a state park. We arrived right as it opened, and walked around to get the lay of the land. It reminded me a bit of MD, a lot of wooded areas, but also a bit of PA, paved walkways and the central section open, with no trees or anything. After walking and looking around some, we decided to eat. I spent $11.00 on pastrami and fries. We then spent $6 each on a cider. I guess those are NY prices for you. Anyway, we went to a show, enjoyed some songs about death, when it began to rain. Just a bit of a drizzle at first, but it steadily got stronger and stronger. We went back to the car for the umbrella. We were not happy! So we stop to eat again, Jess spending $12 on fried mushrooms and pasta salad. It made my food seem like a bargain in comparison! We watched a bit of the first chess match, which wasn't bad, but the board was spray painted on grass. It was an amusing show. Jess and I managed to not catch "Scarlet Fever" from the people next to us, and then we se ourselves to shopping. Nothing. It was dismal. Same generic touristy crap you find at PA but without the handful of good places that make it all worth it. We caught some of the first joust, shopped a bit more (still nothing) and decided to head home. The drive home was uneventful, we had a late and slightly disapointing dinner at Charlie Browns Steakhouse, and that was about our trip.

Now, I know my rendition of events is a bit dry and soulless, but it is meant to be so. I am hoping that Jess will fill in all the color and fun details of our trip that made it the fun time it was. Maybe even post a picture or two. We did not take as many as we thought we would!

Well, I am off to class this morning. Stac will have stolen away with my wife before I return home, so I have a free afternoon. What to do, what to do...

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So she gave me W. I've been thinking, couldn't really come up with anything, so I decided to just wing it. Same deal with Jen's post, comment and you get your very own letter. Post 10 things you like.

1. Wife. How could I not, right?
2. Wasabi. Come on, a spicy green paste, what's not to like?
3. Wine. Yes, I am a lightweight, but boy is it good.
4. Who, The. Didn't start out as my favorite band, but the more I listen...
5. Wheel of Time. Ok, so it is more of a love hate thing right now.
6. Wii. The coolest thing I don't own.
7. Wallerstein. My favorite HEMA codex.
8. William Goldman. I had to work The Princess Bride in somehow.
9. WWMD. Am I the only one familiar with What Would Macgyver Do?
10. Waking up. I swear, it is a pleasant surprise each and every time.

Of course, as soon as this is posted I will think up 100 things better then what is there now (except for #1 of course, how could anything be better), but that's my story and I sticking to it.

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This is for scary_jim. No one else needs to bother. No really, don't say I didn't warn you.

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Ok, I can't let the girls have all the fun. Here it goes.

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Wow, I've watched a lot of shit.

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OK, so we went to see the King Tut exhibit on Sunday. Remarkably, the day went very similar to what Stac had planned out! "Us boys" had a fun drive out (going the right way, making sure everyone was answering cell phones, etc), and when we arrived to park there was much fun in the garage. Bad asses from Jersey, anyone? I will let the wife expound on the ticket fiasco, I just wanted to comment on Tut. I thought the artifacts were fantastic. I am always amazed at how well preserved Egyptian artifacts are (and yes, I know all about the dry heat, etc), and we saw some good ones. I liked the ceremonial gold knife (dagger, really as it had an edge on each side... nevermind, but that is what makes me the HEMA_geek) and this fantastic gold box that at one point held a small statuette, you can still see the footprints in the gold! On course, I also enjoyed coptic jars, but they make me think of food... Anyway, while I enjoyed the artifacts, I did not like the exhibit. I thought it poorly designed and layed out. Also, I was disappointed how little was really on display and how little information was available about each item. It just wasn't the Ramses II exhibit from years ago.

I certainly enjoyed the rest of the day, from a fantastic cheese steak lunch, to Maggiano's later, to the action in the rest stop bathroom (story for another time), I had a great time. Well, off to work.

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Ah, it is a new year. Let us hope that this year will bring even more of the things I enjoyed from last year. What things, you ask? Well let me list some, in no particular order. First, costuming. I am (despite what I say to my beautiful wife) looking forward to starting my new Elizabethan duds. It will be nice to finally look as classy as the wife at faires! Second, getting my ass kicked. Love going to class, wish I didn't have to drive to York for it, but still, I must try to be better about going and not being so damn lazy! Third, Lost. Well, any tv event that involves getting together with friends, enjoying a fine meal, and just enjoying ourselves. So much fun, and made even more so now that Jim has come up a few times and discovered how much fun the XBox 360 can be! Speaking of which, I keep going back and forth about buying a Wii. It is probably the coolest gaming system I have ever seen, and I am sure I would absolutely love it, and I am going through Zelda withdrawal, but see number two, and five. Anyway, back to the list. Four, drink more. I rarely drink, and I have never been a huge drinker (as those who know me can attest) but I certainly enjoy the occasional Guinness or scotch or glass of wine or johnny jump up (that one was for Jim), but almost never around the house. I think that a fridge without Guinness is a problem I will have to rectify. Fifth, I like getting out and doing stuff. From that rare shopping day with the wife to doing a double feature with friends to playing a round of disc golf, I hope this year brings more of these things. Sixth, a perhaps most importantly, spend more time with the woman I live with. I am starting to think that having a busy life and such is an excuse to be lazy about doing right by the wife more often, so now that I put it in writing, I guess I can't back out of it now!

Anyway, these are just a few things that I enjoyed about last year and hope to expand upon this year. I just wanted to share with my friends (and the world, as I did not lock this post) some of these things, especially since I hope to include you in some of it!

Be well all, enjoy 2007, and please, wait with baited breath for my next post...

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Ok, anyone else watching Heroes? We have been, and enjoying it very much. So far. I know, there are more X-men rip offs in there than I can count, but hey, it is way better than Mutant X was. Wait, was I the only one who saw that? Anyway, that show has potential. It will take a couple more weeks to see if I really like the direction it is going. Then again, how could I not like a show where a guys super power is that when he shoots heroin, he paints that future?

Well, I was going to post more but the wife just finished cooking, so I must go eat!

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The excitment for today? There was a fire at the lab today! Some tool (I mean a person, not object) was doing a TOX downstairs and managed to start a small fire! Yes, it takes a special someone to start a fire with water. Brief evacuation of the building, fire dept came out. Our QA manager complinted us on our speedy exit from the building. Wow, what a day...

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